technology: managing sustainability everyday

Today, more than ever before, global retailers and brands need to assess their packaging requirements on a macro and micro level to survive and thrive the seismic shifts in paradigm across global supply chains, international and national politics, legislation, retailing and consumer expectations.

For a responsible retailer and brand owner there are 4 key packaging drivers.

• Regulatory: The constantly evolving requirement to meet global legislative obligations across all markets 

• Perceptual: The strategy and process to communicate a consistent approach to responsible packaging in the eyes of your consumer

• Circular: The robust and defensible delivery of your voluntary packaging and environmental obligations

• Commercial: The commercial mitigation of the impact of packaging from a legal, value chain and supply chain perspective 


Our unique experience and understanding of retailer operations, technical packaging, sustainability and regulatory consultancy has enabled us to develop this pioneering packaging sustainability platform, ‘e-halo’.

e-halo is a sustainability tool which combines technology with online consulting services.

• The system is designed to manage the future technical and sustainability packaging requirements of global retailers and brands

• The approach provides accurate packaging and sustainability data along with the functionality to manage compliance and packaging optimisation all within one automated workflow

• The platform is designed to automatically interact with other IT infrastructure such as Product Lifecycle and Artwork Management Systems

• Minimum disruption : Maximum impact

No other packaging programme is so powerful and transformational!

e-halo Deliverables

Live and accurate packaging data in line with future legislative requirements 

Automated compliance across legal requirements and voluntary commitments 

Communication of best in class omni channel packaging specifications 

Optimisation of packaging / supply chain to reduce cost and environmental impact 

Flexibility to change packaging efficiently and compliantly as legislation evolves 

Management of risk across regulatory requirements & consumer perception 

Transparent control of packaging with responsibility to comply firmly with the supplier 

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