e-book: Sustainable Innovation Within Food Service

Gillian Orr takes a deep dive into sustainable innovation within the food service sector.

In conclusion to our food service series, our packaging consultant, Gill Orr, explores the complexities of this industry which have arisen from the many challenges of servicing the increasing consumer drive for convenience balanced with affordable and sustainable solutions.

This e-book explores different facets influencing sustainability in food service: looking at the
efforts and investments the big players are making, the reliance on public area recycling / the disposal challenge and considers the part legislation has to play in driving change.

A joined-up approach to packaging and packaging waste is imperative to truly work towards a better future, and we have to work together to face these challenges head on.

Gill Orr, Aura

Throughout this e-book we have included examples of some fantastic and inspirational
initiatives to tackle these challenges in food service. We have also highlighted some key focus
areas to help businesses drive tangible change. We can all play a part in making food service
more sustainable, and hopefully this e-book provides some food for thought when thinking
about your strategy.

Image: Hyperbeast.com

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Navigating global legislation and finding packaging solutions to meet these needs with the lowest financial and environmental impact is complex. At Aura we have the ability to guide you through these challenges and find the right solution for you, your customers and the planet. 

About the Author

Gill is a lead consultant, dedicated to providing clients with sustainable packaging strategy, process mapping / improvement and decoding the complex arena of global packaging regulation. She has experience across fmcg, food service and branded clients globally, implementing teams, processes and strategies to drive efficiency while ensuring transparency and integrity of packaging data through technology. Her solution-led, detail-oriented and collaborative approach ensures our clients receive the best possible advice to meet their sustainability targets and reduce waste - in all senses of the word.